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Discover the Areas of College of EECS
Department of Electrical Engineering


Research Focuses: Automatic Control; Computer Science; Power System/Power Electronics Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering


Research Focuses: Systems; Multimedia and Digital Contents; Bio-informatics; Data Science and Artificial Intelligence; High Performance Computing; Theory

Graduate Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics


Research Focuses: Display Technology; Energy; Optical Communications; Numerical Simulation and Modeling Techniques; Biophotonics; Optoelectronic and Electronics Devices

Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering


Research Focuses: Electromagnetics; Communication and Signal Processing; Data Science and Smart Networking

Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering


Research Focuses: Nano-Electronics; Integrated Circuits and Systems; Electronic Design Automation

Graduate Institute of Biomedical Electronic and Bioinformatics


Research Focuses: Biomedical Electronics; Molecular/Cell/Tissue Imaging; Biomedical Signal Processing; Biophotonics; Sensors; Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing Analyses; Computer-aided Diagnostics; Bioinformatics; Systems Biology; Medical Informatics

Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia


Research Focuses: Internet of Things; Software Defined Networking; Network Security; Low Latency Communication

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